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Each topic can be 1-2 paragraphs which will sum up

Each topic can be 1-2 paragraphs which will sum up to 2 pages. I’ve attached the template needed for the assignment along with the grading rubric

Complete the following in a Word document titled “Assessment 4”:

​The Windows disk defragmenter is a valuable tool for keeping hard drives running efficiently.

  • Explain in detail how this tool helps optimize hard drives.
  • Is the optimizing tool recommended for use with solid state drives (SSD)? Why or why not?

Windows update is a method used by Windows systems to deploy security reinforcements, software updates, and hotfixes. Often this process is performed automatically.

  • Explain the pros and cons of automatic updates.
  • Explain how to prevent automatic updates on your network. Why might you do this?

Select two of the most urgent security issues detected in Task 2, Step 8 of the Identify Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Lab and propose a solution to resolve each issue (be sure to expand the result detailed link and the suggested solution link for tips on resolving the issue).

Systems administrators aim to keep their computer systems up-to-date. Windows systems have built-in tools that systems administrators can use to fine-tune the system. A popular tool in Windows systems is the performance monitor.

  • Explain what the performance monitor does and how the information it provides helps the system administrator maintain the network.

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