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Effects of overnutrition on human

This assessment is aimed at developing the students understanding of nutritional biochemistry and how it relates to a potentially common scenario.

By prescribing this assessment, students are able to build on their understanding of the physiological and chemical implications on dietary intake of various substances. This assessment allows students to further advance their skills in sourcing and identifying reliable and credible information, which they will incorporate into their written work. Students are able to develop their academic writing skills, as they are expected to express their ideas in a coherent and logical manner, while also enhancing their critical analysis skills, through interpretation and translation of the information researched.

Based on the following scenario, write a report that addresses the impact of overweight and/or obesity on the biochemical pathways within the body.


A 30-year-old female presents herself to you, as she has recently acknowledged her inappropriate dietary/nutritional habits (e.g. overnutrition) and high level of sedentarism as being a potential health concern. According to her medical history, she has been increasingly overweight in the last 8 years (e.g. BMI 29) and is increasing every year, and currently she is getting very close to being obese (with possible progression to Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease etc.) She is at risk of developing one of the chronic diseases associated with overweight and obesity. She also has a 6-year-old son, and wants to set a good example for him in relation to taking responsibility for her health.

In report format, ensure to cover the following areas:

  1. Explain and discuss the effects of overnutrition on human/energy metabolism and the link with overweight and/or obesity.
  2. How does overweight and/or obesity contribute to the development of associated chronic diseases? Choose and discuss One (1) important chronic disease associated with overweight and/or obesity.
  3. Explain and discuss the metabolic pathways affected by overweight and or obesity on brain physiology.
  4. Explore the epigenetic impact of overweight and/or obesity could have on her son.
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