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Eight Key Features of Civilization (See Course Documents for Review): How relevant or accurate are these attributes when we consider the societies/civilizations we’ve discussed?

Part I – Historical IDs (9 points) You must answer 6 of the 8. For each of the following that you select you must construct an identification. Your ID should be 4-6 sentences in length and should identify who/what the ID is in detail (including time period, place, civilization, etc.), why it’s historically significant, and how it connects to our overarching themes for the semester – think civilization, trade, spread of culture or ideas, etc. 1) Mongols – 2) Caesaropapism – 3) Tribute System (China) – 4) Rightly Guided Caliphs – 5) Crusades – 6) Genizah Fragments – 7) Mound Builders (Cahokia) – 8) Andalusia – Part II – Analytical Essays (5 points each) For this essay you should use our textbook by Robert Strayer, including all of the primary sources, lecture slides, and any of the resources I’ve posted under the videos and links. You may not use any other outside sources. There are TWO ESSAYS that you must complete. Each essay must be carefully thought out, well organized, and contain: • Introduction – Must include a thesis statement, which identifies your argument and lays out how you intend to support your argument. • Primary Sources – We’ve been exploring a variety of primary sources in the Strayer book. You may use as many as you need, but no fewer than 2 primary sources for EACH essay, to answer the questions below. Be sure to cite the primary source by indicating in a footnote or parenthetical the document or visual source. For example, “Strayer, Doc. 1.1, p. 47”. • Analysis – I am not looking for you to repeat facts and dates. I am looking for you to construct an argument using facts, primary sources and course materials to support your thesis statement. • Conclusion – Your conclusion should tie together your argument and sum up your overall essay. • Works Cited – You must include a works cited/bibliography. Failure to do so will result in the loss of 1 point. • No Outside Materials – You do not need and, in fact, should not use outside materials to complete this assignment.

Question 1: At the beginning of the course we discussed the Eight Key Features of Civilization (See Course Documents for Review). Having now looked at 5000 years or so of human history, please consider the following: • How relevant or accurate are these attributes when we consider the societies/civilizations we’ve discussed? • Do you find these features compelling in helping to determine what makes a civilization? • Are these features set in stone or is there more of a sliding scale of relevance? • Do you think that they accurately describe the civilizations that we have looked at this semester? Do they sometimes apply and sometimes not apply? To that end, pick two of the features and relate them to two different civilizations that either do or do not exhibit these traits. Your answer should be two-three pages.

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