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Employee Development and Employee Relations.

Employee Relations Date of issue: September 2018 Type/Format: Essay Weight % 50% Word Count 2,000 Title Choose one from the following two titles “Critically appraise the ways in which organisations can utilise employee relations strategies to improve Employee Involvement, Voice and Participation” “Critically assess the current position and future contribution of under-represented groups to the success of the modern trade union movement, with particular reference to women and BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) groups” Submission deadline: January 22 by 2pm Submission method: Via Turnitin Feedback from: February 12 This assignment will assess Learning Outcomes 3 and 4. It will also cover transferable skills 1,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Please see section 9 below for details. Purpose of the Assignment The assignment provides students with the choice of two of the main subject areas for Employee Relations. Demonstrating a knowledge of under-represented groups in the trade union movement and the issue of employee engagement are directly relevant for many individuals who wish to move into an HR role, or who will become employees, managers or business owners. Assessment criteria Please note that diagrams, quotes, appendices and tables do not constitute part of the word allocation. 30% Use of literature, analysis and clarity of expression 30% Comprehensive introduction and conclusion 30% Integration of theory and practice 10% Structure, organisation and presentation A copy of the feedback sheet for this assessment can be found in Appendix 10.

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