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 1. Abstract (5 Points) o What was/were the experimental objective(s) of the lab? What did you do? o What were the results of the lab? What did you find out? What is its significance? What does it mean? o Usually one paragraph long. 2. Introduction (20 Points) o What was the background (or context) of the experiment? o What were the specifications for the experiment? o Competition rules and restrictions, if applicable. o Include any formulas you will use here. o Describe any special equipment/software used. o What scientific principles were used? o Discuss product evaluation and the need for it o Discuss quality improvement and its importance o Include examples of product evaluation and quality improvement o Discuss a standard, an average, accuracy, and precision o Describe loops and switches and how they are useful in coding o Describe the light sensor, gyro sensor, and ultrasonic sensor used in the lab and their optimal position o Discuss the importance of tolerance and percent accuracy in determining product quality o NEVER JUST COPY material from the manual. 3. Procedures (15 Points) o Always begin with materials. What materials were used? o Discuss the EV3 kit and software used o Describe Mindstorms programming for only the sensors coding portion o What steps were performed in the lab, in detail? How were they done? o Any modifications made for any/all trials. o No numbered lists, past tense please. 4. Data/Observations (30 Points) o What were the measurements or the outcome of the experiment? o Describe the results verbally. o Include tables, graphs, and figures where appropriate. o Label all tables, graphs, and figures. o Compare the final code with sensors and final code without sensors; determine which is better. * * Substantiate the decision with data, observations, and other facts collected o Make a final evaluation of the product: should it go into production? Describe its accuracy and precision o Assess the techniques used in the testing process 5. Discussion/Conclusions (30 Points) o What worked and did not work? Explain any experimental difficulties. o Include a sample calculation of any formulas used (i.e., competition ratios). o Link the discussion to your objectives. o What improvements (if any) can be made to the product or design? o Can you suggest future work? o Discuss better testing methods for the robot design o Recommend if any design improvements should be made NOTE: If you don’t know an answer to a question, use your intuition. NOTE: The competition did no take place due to the following reasons: Data/Observations -Hardcoding the procedure was trial and error -Sensors would fail in one way or another -Hardcoding was inconsistent -Trying to use the sensors resulted in failure from hardware -No trials for sensor trials

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