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 1. The assignment is about reflection so ensure you do not describe situations but reflect critically on them underpinned with theory. Individual report (2000 words) CW3: Individual critical reflection on learning: (50%, 2000 word +/- 10%) You are to write a piece of critical reflection on your entrepreneurial practice skills as evidenced during the fund-raising project. There is no set format for producing your learning account however, you should reflect on your own learning objectives as set out in CW1, and the group’s performance (and your role within it) as documented in CW2. The following notes will give you some guidance on structuring your thoughts: • Make sure you understand the principles of reflection from lectures and readings. • In the body of your essay, where you discuss your journey in reference to theory, explain what each theoretical concept means, in your own words, to prove that you understand it. Then go beyond explanation of the concept to provide a brief argument of application, analysis, or evaluation to your own situation, using your experiences as a researcher and learner as evidence to elaborate on the idea. • If you use your own former writing, cite yourself using Harvard style (author, year & date posted, report title, publication name. • Include proper Harvard citation and a reference list and do not exceed 2000 words (+/- 10%) Assessment criteria: CW3 Presentation and Style (10) Should be clearly written and easy to read, using an appropriate structure. Readability, neatness, spelling etc. is important. The Harvard referencing system should be adopted. Indicative marks Unclear language and structure, referencing, poorly laid out 4/10 or less Easy to follow structure, clear articulation of the arguments, referencing acceptable 5 to 7/10 Clear and appropriate structure and illustrations, clear and compelling articulation of the argument, correctly/fully referenced 8+ /10 Critical evaluation of new learning (50) Honest, self-critical review of learning with respect to all aspects of the module including critical incidences (include dates). Should also assess whether the learning objectives from CW1 have been met, and if not, why not. The examples used to illustrate learning should be appropriate and very clearly presented. Indicative marks Descriptive and with little critical understanding of the learning that has taken place. Poor understanding of issues underlying the performance of the group or individual within the fund-raising exercise 25/50 or less Mainly descriptive but containing some critical reflection. Some awareness or understanding of issues underlying the performance of group or individual within the fund-raising exercise, probably unsupported by theory or critical self-awareness of what went on 25 to 40 /50 Critically evaluative of own learning and strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. Clear, theory-informed, understanding of issues underlying the performance of group or individual within the fund-raising exercise. Ability to synthesise learning from both theory and examples. 40+ /50

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