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Fabrics and Finishes Assignment Instructions: Create a window treatment for

Fabrics and Finishes Assignment


Create a window treatment for a piano room window and select a fabric to reupholster the piano bench

Create a power point presentation and included:

• Select fabrics that coordinate with the existing rug – one for the window treatment and one for the bench (more can be used for a custom design, but the requirement is at least 2 for these items)• 1 trim to accentuate the window treatment• Style of drapery hardware and parts needed (rods, rings, grommets, traversing rod, finials, and brackets• Finish for drapery hardware• Decide if the window treatment will be operable and state it in the power point

Select lighting for the space to coordinate with the style you are creating

Select seating for the space and a fabric to coordinate with your other selections

Select accessories and art for the space

This is a formal setting, and the window treatment, furnishings and fabrics needs to reflect it in the style. This is your opportunity to be creative!


Fabrics and Drapery Hardware



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