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Financial Statement Analysis for competing companies.

Financial Statement Analysis Executive Summary: • Select two competing companies from the same industry (e.g., McDonalds vs. Burger King; Target vs. Walmart; etc.), and calculate the following financial ratios for them based on their most recent financial statements: 1) Return on Equity 2) Return on Assets 3) Profit Margin Ratio 4) Working Capital 5) Current Ratio 6) Quick (Acid-Test) Ratio 7) Debt-to-Equity Ratio 8) Cash Flow from Operations to Total Liabilities Ratio • Discuss from an investor’s point-of-view which of the two companies you would rather invest. Please refer to the ratios/measures that you calculated. You may also include information and opinions about other factors (e.g., non-financial factors, market information) that influence your decision. • The executive summary should be approximately 2 pages long, Times New Roman Font size 12

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