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Food Evolution Documentary Review and Analysis Outline Introduction Topic Sentence

Food Evolution 


Documentary Review and Analysis Outline


Topic Sentence (Production Information: Documentary Title, Director, Year Released and Production Company)

Background (Brief Summary of the Film)

Note: You can use the film’s summary/description to help craft this section. 

Thesis Statement

Claim (Was the film well-crafted/good representation of reality/informative)

Warrants (Three Main Areas you will focus on for your analysis)

1. Authors & Audience:

2. Messages & Meaning:

3. Representation & Reality:

Thesis Statement (Claim + Warrants) 1-2 sentences:


Body Paragraphs

Paragraph #1: Authors & Audience

Topic Sentence: 



Paragraph #2: Messages & Meaning

Topic Sentence:



Paragraph #3: Representations & Reality

Topic Sentence:



Table of Contents

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