For this activity please read Chapter Fourteen Enhancing Personal Creativity fromCsikszentmihalyisbook Creativity. After you have read and thought about the

For this activity, please read Chapter Fourteen, “Enhancing Personal Creativity,” from
book Creativity.
After you have read and thought about the chapter, click
Activity 17:
Enhancing Personal Creativity. Within this topic, click “Create Thread.” Enter the subject line of your choice. It should be something that calls attention to the topic(s) you will be writing about in your post. In one detailed post, identify the piece of advice in Chapter 14 most relevant to you at this time in your life. Summarize
advice and how you could implement it for yourself.
Over the last few weeks,
read, thought, and written much about creativity.
Not only should you now have a much more informed understanding of creativity, you may be a somewhat different person as a result of the experience.
For the remainder of this post, reflect on one or more of these topics:
Where do you see your life headed? How do you see yourself cultivating your own creativity? If its the case, how has the course contributed to finding meaning in your life? What did you like/dislike about this course? How could it be improved?

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