For this assignment please read Recognizing and Disrupting Immappancy in Week 14 Readings.The article is long and makes most of

For this assignment, please read Recognizing and Disrupting Immappancy in Week 14 Readings.
The article is long and makes most of the key points by the end of p. 282, before going into extended examples, so you can read to the bottom of p. 282.
I want us to read this article with two questions in mind: a) How does this build on our understanding of maps/mapping? b) How can the article help us to wrap-up course discussions and make connections between previous units?
Task: Your answers to the following questions should be at least 400 words long and use specific examples from the article.
1. The article quotes Nedra Reynolds at the bottom of the first paragraph on p. 272 (we must attend not only to the physical realities…borders just need to be stepped over). Connect this quote to the ideas that maps are rhetorical, rather than accurate representations of objective reality.
2. How does our position in the world affect our understanding of maps? Use examples from the article.
3. Why is immappancy a problem? (Try to dive into this answer, rather than coming up with a one-sentence answer.)
4. Pick one quote from the article that you found interesting and useful. Connect it to another concept weve discussed in the course so far.

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