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For this assignment, you will create a Deep Analysis of

For this assignment, you will create a Deep Analysis of the future of Health Care Reform. The Health Care Reform is designed to provide universal access to healthcare for Americans, Control the rising costs of healthcare, and Regulate the private insurance industry through things like state-based private exchanges – an online marketplace that brings together state-approved insurance plans from multiple companies so consumers can shop for individual insurance plans, Improve the quality of healthcare, Make healthcare choices more consumer-friendly and easier to understand.

A good research paper attempt to answer two practical questions: What would be the best thing to do? What is the best result that can be achieved? Additionally, the purpose of the research paper is to integrate what you have learned in this course and apply it to a current issue or problem in US Health Care System. Everything you do in this class will be geared toward preparing you for this paper, which is due at the end of the semester.

This part is separate is a power point, and the one above is in word

Presentation of your research paper

  1. Present your findings in a creative way
  2. Keep the total length of the presentation to 10 minutes
  3. You may choose whichever form of presentation you prefer – PowerPoint with recorded audio, Prezi, YouTube, or other videos, etc.

The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, double-spaced, and typed in a 12-point font. The title page and the reference page are required and are not included in the total length. Please utilize a minimum of five recent sources from 2017 to – the present (if possible).

  • Follow APA guidelines including an abstract and table of contents

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