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Fordism and Organizational Communication

 Read the chapter 3 careful first, then there are 5 multiple choice question: 1. Chapter 3 begins with a description of Fordism as an organizational form that shaped 20th century life that we should analyze along two dimensions. The dimension that is concerned with how Fordism shaped societal values in and outside the organization is A. Fordism as a sociopolitical system B. Fordism as a technical-rational system C. Division of labor D. Scientific management 2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of scientific management? A. The Hawthorne effect B. Cooperation between management and workers C. Mass production D. Division of labor 3. Which classic theory of management under Fordism recognizes the value of workers’ creativity and incorporate workers’ feedback/ideas? A. Human resource management B. Human relations theory C. Bureaucratic theory D. Scientific management 4. Which form of authority is the foundation of the modern form of Western democracy? A. Rational-legal B. Charismatic C. Traditional D. Executive 5. Which of the following is not cited by the authors as one of the factors or contexts that led to Fordism? A. The third spirit of capitalism B. Capitalism was being questioned for its corruption C.Oppressive working conditions D. The progressive movement

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