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Forone chapter of your choice 2023 you will pick thatchapters Voices of Freedom section. You will then answer the two

one chapter of your choice (20-23)
you will pick that
chapters Voices of Freedom section.
You will then answer the two questions that are
in that section. Your answer to these questions should be
at least 2 – 3 pages long, and include any sources you use as a reference page on an additional page.
You will want to provide historic examples from your class materials and any outside academic materials you wish to use.
Please format your paper in either Chicago/Turabian style (preferred), APA style, or MLA style.
Please remember that direct quotes should have a citation after the quote, and in all three styles that citation requires a page or paragraph number from the source.
A URL is never a reference line by itself, there is always some sort of publication information that must be present depending on the style you are writing in.

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