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Franklin University Health Care Insurance Costs Annotated Bibliography Nursing Assignment Help

I plan to do either oncology or health insurance costs   

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I would like to address the question regarding the choice between oncology and health insurance costs as a topic for college assignments. Both topics are essential in the field of medicine but require different areas of focus. In the following answers, I will provide insights on the benefits and considerations for each topic, allowing for an informed decision when designing assignments.


If you are considering the topic of oncology for college assignments, it can offer valuable knowledge and skills to medical students. Oncology is a field dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer, which is a prevalent disease with significant global impact. Assignments focused on oncology can help students develop a thorough understanding of cancer biology, diagnosis, treatment modalities, and patient care.

By studying oncology, students can gain insights into the various types of cancers, their causes, risk factors, and preventive measures. Assignments in oncology can also provide an opportunity to explore topics such as cancer genetics, screening programs, and emerging therapies. Additionally, students can learn how to assess and manage cancer patients, consider palliative care options, and understand the psychosocial aspects of cancer treatment.

Moreover, assignments based on oncology can encourage critical thinking and research skills. Students can analyze real-life cases, evaluate treatment plans, and examine the ethical dilemmas associated with oncology practice. Engaging in such assignments can enhance students’ ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, fostering their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

However, it is important to note that oncology assignments require sensitivity and empathy towards patients and their families. As cancer is a highly emotive and challenging diagnosis, it is crucial to approach the topic with compassion and respect. Instructors should guide students to maintain a patient-centered approach while exploring the scientific aspects of oncology.


Alternatively, health insurance costs can be an excellent topic for college assignments, as it offers valuable insights into the financial aspects of healthcare. Through assignments focused on health insurance costs, medical students can understand how healthcare services are funded, the impact of insurance on patient access and affordability, and the complexities of the healthcare reimbursement system.

Assignments in health insurance costs can help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing healthcare expenditures, reimbursement models, and the role of private and public insurance programs. Students can explore the concepts of health insurance policies, including deductibles, copayments, and premiums, and analyze their impact on the delivery of healthcare services.

Studying health insurance costs can enable students to critically evaluate healthcare systems, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and propose potential improvements. Assignments can involve analyzing data on healthcare spending, comparing insurance policies in different countries, or examining the impact of insurance coverage on health outcomes.

Furthermore, exploring health insurance costs can enhance students’ awareness of healthcare disparities and their ability to advocate for equitable access to care. By understanding the financial barriers faced by patients, students can develop a patient-centered approach that considers both clinical and financial aspects when making treatment decisions.

When designing assignments on health insurance costs, it is important to ensure a balance between the technical aspects of healthcare financing and the ethical considerations associated with resource allocation. Students should be encouraged to analyze the potential consequences of different insurance models while considering the ethical implications for equitable healthcare delivery.


When deciding between oncology and health insurance costs as topics for college assignments, instructors must consider the educational goals, students’ interests, and the relevance of the topics to medical practice. Both oncology and health insurance costs offer unique opportunities for learning and skill development. Incorporating engaging assignments in these areas will not only deepen students’ understanding but also foster their abilities to provide comprehensive care to patients and navigate the complexities of healthcare systems.

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