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Genetically modified bacteria–threat/promise

Before picking a topic ask yourself the following:

 What are the issues behind this topic?  Why do we have the problem?  What is the technology/science?  How does it work?  What are some approaches to understanding/solving the problem?  Is it safe/tested? Then:  What are the ethical questions that arise from these issues?  Should we use it/should it be done? How? Why?  What happens if we do/don’t? the paper should include the following information: 1. A section introducing the bioethical issue and containing scientific background information and a historical perspective. The biological basis of the topic must be addressed and explained in this section. Be specific, and discuss how the biotechnology works.

2. The viewpoints about the bioethical issues with a substantive section explaining the various perspectives. Discuss each viewpoint and describe the arguments supporting that viewpoint. Do not argue for any one perspective, yet. (Make sure the citations are complete and correct). 3. Take an ethical stand, and argue the ethical viewpoint constructively. Back your argument with ethics supporting your viewpoint of the ethical use of this technology (make sure to go back and look at “Ethical Decision Making”, Learning units 3 & 4. Your argument should be scholarly, not based on an emotional response. Cite any sources you use and base your response in ethics.

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Assignment Outline