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geog week 1 starter post

You have to provide a detailed Starter Post. You have to engage with the material AND link this to something that is currently happening with regard to the material OR that is directly covered in the class readings. Examples of an acceptable Starter Post (obviously the content of the post varies by topic and the class) For example: ( Module 4 – Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Compared to North Africa On slide 4, Dr. Saff provides data regarding SSA – population, population growth, life expectancy, GNI per capita, etc… He then poses the question, “How do the indicators differ from North Africa, why?” I found this link which provides the answer as to how they differ – (please click link) On paper – it definitely appears as if North Africa is doing better. The GNI per capita is roughly 6 times higher, the life expectancy is just about 26 years longer, the mortality rate is 50 less children per 1000…(THESE STATS ARE ACCORDING TO THE LINK POSTED ABOVE) However, the link does not provide a reason as to why NA is doing better than SSA… If I had to guess a reason- I would attribute it to the smaller sample size of African Countries being lumped in with the Middle East to get the statistics. Also, according to Stock HIV/AIDS hit Africa south of the Sahara much harder (Stock 247) which impacted their development immensely. However, I don’t believe these are sufficient answers… and I will not settle with them. Do any of my classmates have an answer? Were you able to find any legitimate reasons from credible sources?)

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