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Geography – country report (Italy).

 Requirements Written Report You are required to write a 5-7 page brief yet coherent country report. In addition to general background information about the country, your report must provide well-informed knowledge about the country’s media and cultural industries, telecommunications, press freedom, human rights, and media regulation and policy. Format and structure Some of the main components of the report would include, but are not limited to: A. Introduction B. Historical, political, economic, and/or cultural background – the type of government, key leader(s), conflicts, some recent international news events, significant changes, human rights, etc. C. Key socio-economic data – GDP, GDP per capita, life expectancy, literacy rate, unemployment rate, etc. D. Key media, telecommunication, and cultural industries indicators E. Key international communication issues and problems – some significant challenges of international communication that the country faces now. Use your research to explain and justify what brought you to these issues. F. Summary/Conclusion Important guidelines to follow 1. The length of the report must be 5-7 pages (not including cover page, appendices, and references), and it must be double spaced, typed in a 12-point font, with one-inch margins on all sides. 2. It is of utmost importance that you use the most current information available. The CIA’s database will serve as an excellent starting point. It is accessible via 3. Use at least 5 different sources to construct a comprehensive picture of your country. Depending on the country you represent, you may need more than 5 sources. 4. For the country’s background information and socio-economic/media data, you are allowed to use numbers and bullets. Yet you still need to use complete sentences in your evaluation and analysis of the compiled data. 5. You should cite your sources clearly and completely in your body text. You must also include a list of references at the end of your report. I MUST BE ABLE TO ACCESS CITED SOURCES EASILY. Oral Presentation As part of the assignment, you are required to make a 10-12 minute presentation of your country report. The use of PowerPoint slides or other visual aids is highly recommended. Instead of reading your report verbatim, try to visually present such information as: • (PAGE 1) A timeline of the history of the country • (PAGE 2) A country flag • (PAGE 3) A map of the country showing the capital city, other major cities, a list of major natural resources, locations of conflicts, etc. • (PAGE 4) Key socio-economic data in the forms of tables, charts, and/or graphs • (PAGE 5) Key media, telecommunication, and cultural industries data and indicators in the forms of tables, charts, and/or graphs • (PAGE 6) Pictures of the recent international news coverage of significant political, cultural, and/or economic events

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Assignment Outline