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Globalization and its impact

Drawing from course materials in Unit #1, how would you define globalization? What impact has globalization made on the world’s peoples? In your response, identify some of the key characteristics of globalization from the sixteenth century to the present, and explain how these characteristics developed or changed over time. Be sure to provide specific examples (and note source). Conclude by suggesting at least one reason why understanding the long-term history of globalization can help us make informed decisions today. Papers need to include references to the following course materials: at least three secondary or scholarly articles, at least two primary sources, and a lecture or film. Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the readings (on globalization). Your paper should address the question and incorporate evidence from multiple course materials, including examples from assigned readings and course materials/information. Your citations (required) should conform to Chicago Style (you just need to cite references in footnotes; you do not need a bibliography since these are all sources we have used in class). Be sure to indicate all direct quotes with quotation marks and proper citations. Be sure to indicate other material used from another source with proper citations. 

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Assignment Outline