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Gross Motor (in the older child sports)

Fine Motor (in the older child school performance) For the 1-4 year old: Sleeping / self-care / toilet training For the 5-10 year old: respect, family, friends, school Actual / assessment / observation According to textbook Play Actual / Assessment Safety / Injury Prevention List key areas for the child your are assessing Spiritual / Moral Development Expected: Actual: Piaget Expected: Actual: Erickson Expected: Actual: List problem areas or concerns from your assessment Teaching / referrals done to address identified concerns or anticipatory guidance: each area needs to be addressed to receive full points • Nutritional teaching • Physical development • Developmental / social development • Safety teaching Evaluation: Did you feel the child /family was receptive to your teaching? What indications did they give you to support your evaluation? What could you have done to improve the teaching / learning environment? *Ask parent what they learned from your session related to nutrition, safety, immunizations etc. You can have them write a small paragraph and you translate it and include in appendix or you can just summarize in your own words after assessing the knowledge gained Typed or written neatly **Be sure before doing the actual interview you have prepared ahead of time any material related to diet teaching, safety immunizations etc you may need so that you have the appropriated knowledge and tools to teach the parent for the child’s specific age group

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