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Hamstring injury

Part 1. You must create either a PowerPoint presentation/ Prezi or video discussing the injury you chose to present in your Final Project Outline (Assignment 1). You will discuss: The Injury Use the description of the Injury from the first assignment and included additional detail. Structures Involved What structures are injured, both primary structures and secondary structures. For example: MCL injury may have meniscus injury, and probable additional muscle injury or weaknesses. Mechanism of Injury How injury occurs: Discuss in biomechanical terms – forces acting on structures, planes of motion, etc. Rehabilitation protocol What must you consider in terms of safety in this program? Does age or gender influence rehabilitation? What are the typical protocols? Are there more experimental protocols? What are the pros and cons of these experimental, or less common, protocols? What exercises will you start with and why? Are there alternative exercises if the person does not want to perform the one’s you chose due to pain? Provide information on how you would determine if they can return to activity What functions will they be expected to have before they are allowed to return to full activity? Reference Page (3-5 references total) Ensure you use required readings in your outline as references, DO NOT CUT AND PASTE information into this outline. USE YOUR OWN WORDS! Define terms using quoted definitions (ensure there is a correct APA in text citation along with page or paragraph numbers) then provide the definition in Layman’s terms to provide clarity for your audience.

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Assignment Outline