Have the child undress from the waist up.

When preparing to perform a physical examination on an infant, the examiner should:
June 19, 2019
Correlate the murmur with a bedside heart monitor.
June 19, 2019

Question 20. Question : The nurse practitioner notices that an infant has a large, soft lump on the side of his head and that his mother is very concerned. She tells the nurse practitioner that she noticed the lump about 8 hours after her baby’s birth, and that it seems to be getting bigger. One possible explanation for this is:




caput succedaneum.

Question 21. Question : When examining an infant, the nurse practitioner should examine which area first?





Question 22. Question : When preparing to examine a 6-year-old child, which action is most appropriate?

Start with the thorax, abdomen, and genitalia before examining the head.

Avoid talking about the equipment being used because it may increase the child’s anxiety.

Keep in mind that a child this age will have a sense of modesty.

Have the child undress from the waist up.

Question 23. Question : The nurse practitioner is assessing a patient’s skin during an office visit. What is the best technique to use to best assess the patient’s skin temperature?

Use the fingertips because they’re more sensitive to small changes in temperature.

Use the dorsal surface of the hand because the skin is thinner than on the palms.

Use the ulnar portion of the hand because there is increased blood supply that enhances temperature sensitivity.

Use the palmar surface of the hand because it is most sensitive to temperature variations because of increased nerve supply in this area.


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