Health care practitioners must maintain records of privacy policy practices and procedures for

83.   The anatomical location of the calyx is the

A. spine.   B. brain.   C. arm.   D. kidney.


84.   Which one of the following requirements is outlined in the guidelines established in HIPAA’s Privacy Rule?

A. Hospital administrators must encrypt data within older data files.   B. Physicians must not disclose patient information to consulting physicians.   C. Patients must receive notice if their information will be used or disclosed to third parties.   D. Managers must secure medical records immediately following patient admission.


85.   The I-10 helps coders classify patient

A. morbidity and mortality.   B. management information.   C. evaluation files.   D. reimbursement data.


86.   During a routine examination, a male patient is diagnosed with an elevated PSA. The physician performs a biopsy of the prostate with a rectal ultrasound to pinpoint the source of the problem. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM codes would be assigned?

A. 55725, 76000-26, R93.6   B. 55700, 76872-26, R97.2   C. 55734, 73200-26, R97.2   D. 55720, 74000-26, R97.3


87.   Health care practitioners must maintain records of privacy policy practices and procedures for

A. 20 years.   B. 10 months.   C. 2 years.   D. 6 years.


88.   A patient comes to the emergency department of a rural hospital. He complaints of problems sleeping, foot swelling, and insomnia. After a detailed review of the patient’s history and a detailed examination, the patient is diagnosed with chronic renal insufficiency, nephrotic syndrome, and anemia, based on the values listed in his blood test. The patient undergoes a biopsy of the left and right kidneys under physician guidance. A CT scan is also used for guidance and needle placement. A follow-up CT scan with physician review and interpretation is also performed. What ICD-10 and CPT codes are assigned?

A. 50500-73, 51200-LT, C79.2, C61   B. 50200-RT-LT, 50310-RT, 51252-26, E46, N18.9, N04.9   C. 51000, 50310-59-LT, J90, Z90.12, E85.4   D. 50200-50, 50200-59-RT, 77012.26, N18.9, N04.9, D64.9


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