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 Description Learning objectives • to identify whether it would be beneficial to have a pilot trial before your main trial • to identify a SWAT (Study Within A Trial) that might be done within your trial • to identify any issues that have not been resolved • to identify how to resolve outstanding issues about your trial • As you are resubmitting the assignment, you must follow the original assignment instructions but you must base your assignment on two new challenges or issues. You must not re-use any part of your original assignment submission. • describe a particular challenge in the conduct of a randomized trial and present either their solution to this or the approach that they would take to reach a solution. If one or • both of the assignments can take the form of the outline for a SWAT (Study Within A Trial) in which the particular challenge and a possible solution to it would be presented using the SWAT template with information on the background to the SWAT, • its objective, • the area of the trial to be investigated, • any interventions or actions that would be compared (and the method for allocating to different interventions or actions), the outcome measures to determine the effects of the interventions or actions and how these would be analyzed, and any possible problems in implementing this SWAT. -two assignments 1500 each word, excluding titles, and cover page, and graphs

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Assignment Outline