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   Hi,     I need to submit this answer asap. if anyone can




I need to submit this answer asap. if anyone can briefly provide me the best unique answer that would be really helpful.

the job must clearly relate to the overall program of study. You may want to review the program catalog and course descriptions to assist with what may relate.


My Roles and Responsibilities as a Mobile Application Developer relates to IT


Detailed Scope of work:

· Support and enhance the development of the AISD Mobile application

· Experience with Tabris.js or other mobile development platforms.

· Strong Experience in JavaScript required.

· Experience with Node, React, Java, NPM, XML, OOP, UI/UX, NoSQL, GIT, MVC



Mobile app development Objective C/Swift – Apple, Gradle/Kotlin – And


o Apache Cordova/Adobe Phone Gap

o Component based frameworks

o Developing and working with APIs

o Google Firebase and Cloud Console


· Assist Programmers with the development of multiple Java applications.


Applications must authenticate using single sign‐on (SSO) through our portal

, preferably   using SAML or Oauth2 for authentication.


· Experience with SAML

· Experience with Oauth2

· Experience with unit testing, Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Training/Mentoring


· Vue.js

· Hibernate

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