How would this procedure be coded? .

40.   The regulations in HIPAA apply to three groups of individual and corporate entities, each involved in electronic medical records transfer. These groups are collectively referred to as


A. health care administrators.

B. protected personnel.

C. provisional health care data collectors.

D. covered entities.

41.   The retention period is the amount of time that


A. insurance billing documents must be retained in filing cabinets.

B. medications must be kept in the medical office.

C. records must be kept.

D. HIM employee files must be retained upon termination or resignation.

42.   A physician has a meeting with a pharmaceutical sales representative. During the course of the conversation, the physician reveals the diagnosis and past family, medical, and social history of a patient currently being treated with one of the medications that the sales representative is selling. In this situation, the doctor could be sued for


A. invasion of privacy.

B. undue harm and fraud.

C. malice.

D. malfeasance.

43.   Epithelial tissue that secretes its products directly into the bloodstream is made of


A. endoplasmic reticulum.

B. endocrine gland cells.

C. extracellular matrix.

D. columnar epithelial cells.

44.   A physician obtains cells from the bone marrow cavity using a needle and a syringe. How would this procedure be coded?


A. 38220

B. 36575

C. 35092

D. 37328

45.   The vitreous humor can be found in the


A. eye.

B. nose.

C. tongue.

D. ear.


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