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“How would you conduct your organization’s risk audit?

The topic is “How would you conduct your organization’s risk audit? How would you prioritize your findings? Try to provide examples that will help others understand you methodology.” The presentation structure will be: Part1 -Identify the types of risks to the company -Internal General examples -External What types of risks might we be subject to Part2 -How different types of companies (other companies) manage risks -Analyze -Resiliency & Compensating controls Part3 1.Give out suggestions about the general approaches of conducting risk audit Prioritize findings 2. -Government regulation -Financial loss/Reputational loss -Internal efficiency (gains & losses) 3. -Summarization And i am responsible for the findings part. I have to come up with some detail example to talk about that. 4 things you need to talk. First is -Government regulation second and third is -Financial loss/Reputational loss fourth is -Internal efficiency (gains & losses) We weight “Government regulation” the most important thing. Because, if you break the rules or not follow the business regulation, your business might be closed. Second important things are Financial loss/Reputational loss. These are not as bad as the first one. But still causes you loss. Financial one, you should find a detail example by yourself. However, the reputational loss might think about “Boeing”. Last is the internal efficiency. For example, if you are a manufacturer, and you production process is not well, it might cause you loss money. If you did some improvement you can gain money. This is just an example. But think about the all four detail examples by yourself. But when you are writing, you should have sentences like “i like my teammates points in part two, however, i think that still has some gap when you do a risk audit. The following four things you need to be very careful.” Just poor sentences. Improve it by yourself.

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