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HSC3485 RU Behaviors that Affect Your Health Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Directions: Include references

There are many behaviors that have a direct effect on our personal health. Some of these behaviors have a positive effect on our health while others have a negative effect. It is important to recognize these behaviors and understand what can be done to continue to improve one’s overall health.

Each of us make daily choices, both positive and negative, that have a direct impact on our health. For your initial discussion post, choose and discuss at least two positive and two negative behaviors that directly affect your health. Provide examples. These behaviors may be physical, social, environmental, or even mental.  

For your reply post, respond to at least one other student’s initial discussion post. Choose one of the negative behaviors that was discussed in their post and give a recommendation on how the student can improve their negative behavior in order to improve their health.  

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.

Also response to the following:


Well, I am going to answer this one without a google reference, 

Negative: way too much phone time, the constant browse of social media or the use of your phone when quality time should be spent face to face. This one I am working on with my teens at the moment. What is working for us, is no phones on Sunday, no phones at the dinner table, this also includes outings. When the children talk to us there are no phones in their hands or earbuds in their ears. If they can’t hear me, I will not hear their requests either. This one is a tough one. We just had an incident with this one today about a friend request coming over. He asked, I answered, he had earbuds in talking to someone. When he said, “what did you say?” I said, “I said what I said.” He went “UGH.” and knew I was not going to repeat myself. So, no friend interaction was had. 

Positive: Take time to just breath, it can be morning coffee or that 20 minutes when everyone goes to bed. That is when I sneak my time in during the week. I don’t do social media at night. I usually do homework, but I do take at most 20 minutes and just have a glass of water and sit and listen to some music. 

Expert Solution Preview

In this discussion, we will explore behaviors that directly affect our personal health. We will focus on both positive and negative behaviors that have the potential to impact our overall well-being. By recognizing and understanding these behaviors, we can make informed choices to improve our health. Additionally, we will provide recommendations on how to address negative behaviors in order to promote better health outcomes.


Negative Behavior: Excessive Phone Usage
Excessive phone usage, particularly in the form of browsing social media or using the phone during quality face-to-face interactions, can have a negative impact on one’s health. For example, constantly being engaged with the phone can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, reduced physical activity, and disrupted sleep patterns.

To improve this negative behavior, it is essential to set clear boundaries and establish phone-free times or zones. For instance, one can designate specific times, such as no phone usage during dinner or family outings. Implementing these restrictions can help create a balance between phone usage and personal interactions, fostering better relationships and overall well-being. Additionally, it is important to encourage open communication with family members, especially children, and explain the detrimental effects of excessive phone usage. By modeling healthy phone habits and providing alternatives, such as engaging in physical activities or hobbies, individuals can gradually reduce their reliance on phones and improve their overall health.

Positive Behavior: Taking Time to Relax and Breathe
Taking time to relax and engage in mindful activities can have a positive impact on personal health. For example, setting aside a few minutes each day to just breathe, whether it’s during morning coffee or a peaceful evening, can help reduce stress levels, promote mental well-being, and restore focus.

To incorporate this positive behavior into daily routines, individuals can establish a dedicated self-care time, even if it’s just for 15 to 20 minutes. This time can be used to engage in activities like listening to calming music, practicing meditation or deep breathing exercises, or simply taking a quiet moment to reflect. By prioritizing this time for relaxation and self-care, individuals can effectively manage stress levels and improve their overall health.

Response Post (to Brandy):

In response to your discussion post, I appreciate your acknowledgment of the negative behavior of excessive phone time and actively addressing it with your teenagers. It is indeed a challenging behavior to tackle in today’s technologically driven society.

I suggest considering additional strategies to help your teenagers reduce excessive phone usage. One effective approach is to create a healthy and stimulating environment that encourages alternative activities. Encourage outdoor activities, such as going for walks or engaging in sports, that provide opportunities for social interactions and physical exercise. Establishing regular family activities, such as board game nights or family outings, can also divert their attention away from their phones. Additionally, having open conversations about the negative impacts of excessive phone usage and the importance of balancing technology with real-life interactions will help instill mindfulness and promote healthier habits.

Remember, leading by example is crucial in influencing behavior change. Setting boundaries for yourself and actively demonstrating healthy phone habits will serve as a powerful influence on your teenagers. By fostering a supportive and understanding environment, you can assist them in reducing their phone time and improving their overall health and well-being.

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