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Human Resources 3.0

Description Part A: Training and Development (35 marks) Using the material from Chapter 6 of your textbook and any other sources, write a report (approximately 700 words) that answers the questions listed below: 1. Choose an organization that you are familiar with and analyze the training and development opportunities available to the employees of that organization. You may identify any gaps and provide suggestions for improvement, including any innovative programs that could work in the organization. (15 marks) 2. Explain at least four different ways in which managers can assist in the career development of their employees. (10 marks) 3. What role, if any, does mentoring play in training and development in your organization? (10 marks) Part B: Employee Orientation and Socialization (35 marks) You have successfully recruited someone to take over your position and need to make sure that they are smoothly transitioned into the organization through an effective orientation and socialization program. Using the ideas you generated in the mind mapping exercise in Module 3, Activity 1: Part C, develop an effective orientation and socialization program for the new employee you have recruited. Justify why you believe the program you have designed is ideal. (35 marks) Part C: Performance Management (30 marks) 1. Consider the description that you have designed in Assignment 2. Choose one of the key duties, and consider a scenario whereby an individual is struggling in their performance of one of these key duties. Write a script to deliver feedback about the issue; ensure that you: a. Explain the purpose of the meeting b. Define your expectations (assuming you are the employees manager) c. Provide overall performance feedback d. Consider how you will achieve an action plan for improvement by the end of the discussion. Try running through the scenario with a friend or family member, briefly describe how the conversation may have gone differently than you had planned.

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