I have an Ethical Research Presentation assignment due on June 13 2020 for Humanities course Values and Ethics. I have

I have an Ethical Research Presentation assignment due on June 13, 2020 for Humanities course (Values and Ethics). I have done quite a bit of work on it already. I have an outline, and it does require 5 resources (see attached documents – References are in the outline and PP) from the university library (included in attachments). I have included this in my outline (see attached file – outline). I have also put together a bunch of PowerPoint slides as well (also attached – PowerPoint). I am kind of running into a time crunch though. This project is due on Saturday (June 13), but I have not been able to compile or put this together into a final presentation. I also have to add a voice-over that lasts about 10 minutes in the PowerPoint. I have not prepared anything for the voice-over part as well. If you can help me with this part, that would be great too (I will record my voice-over on the slides). I did receive some feedback on my outline. It was good information, but needs to be organized better (see attached document – Presentation Outline Example). Also see attached file (Ethical Research Presentation for HUMN 330 – Values and Ethics) for project details.
This is a power point presentation with voice over embedded. I will do the voice-over. The topic I chose is:
Topic: Using Drones
Presentation Issue/Question:
Is it moral for the United States to continue its use of drone strikes abroad?
Please see the attachments for details.

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