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  I have noticed that many people have mentioned HIPAA. Often


I have noticed that many people have mentioned HIPAA. Often when you think of HIPAA the primary focus is on staff access to medical records and protecting their confidentiality. Another aspect of ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality deals with social media. It can be a blurry line in terms of privacy. For example, here are a few examples of posts that I have had to address in the HR role:

(I have altered the examples to be similar but altered some of information as a precaution)

A nursing assistant posted on Facebook “I am so tired of the patient in 802 screaming all night”.

A nurse posted a picture of medication that she was preparing to give a patient and made a joke about it.

A nurse posted a picture of herself at the gym with the caption “Reasons I Lift Weights – Holding down a six year old needing stitches.”

A nurse posted a selfie of her and co-workers but they were not wearing masks, and a universal masking policy was in place.

1-Which of these examples jump out to you the most? How do you think you would approach these as the HR manager?

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