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I need 800 words Argumentative Essay. Please choose any topic from the below list. MLA format. I also need one

I need 800 words Argumentative Essay. Please choose any topic from the below list. MLA format. I also need one page about the topic proposal or the outline,
Argumentative Assignment:
Argumentative Extended Definition
200 points (20
% of course grade)
Minimum word count: 800
Required sources: 3
Main goal:
Write an argumentative essay on a topic of your choosing that employs the rhetorical mode of extended definition.
Since an appropriate topic is crucial to a successful definition piece, choosing and narrow topics will be a focus during class, and your instructor certainly needs to know your choice as soon as possible during the unit.
This paper must also include quoting from 3 relevant sources and a works cited page.
See more about quoting and works cited in the Paper 2 module.
You must have at least 800 words to earn a passing grade.
You may write more.
Minimum word count does not include the outline or the works cited.
2. Include an MLA heading that includes your name, your instructor’s name, course and section(s), and date on the first page of paper above the title and introduction.Include an MLA format outline.
Include a grabby title or titles.
Include a clear introductory paragraph that includes an argumentative thesis.
This thesis must present an argument of definition.
You must have two or more body paragraphs that are unified by clear topic sentences and are aimed at developing your extended definition.
You must have a conclusion that brings closure to the whole paper
Use 12-point that is easy to read like Times New Roman.
Submit your final essay to the definition final paper dropbox for plagiarism detection.
Common Errors:
Avoid the 7 major grammar errors that are weighed heavily by the department.
See more about sentence patterns and these major errors in the Grammar Basics section of the Writers Resources module.
Check your past feedback for items to especially watch.
Make sure your paper fits the basics for essay writing for titles, intro, body, and close.
See more in the Essay Basics section of the Writers Resources module in content.
3. Read your work aloud to catch repetition, wording errors, and sentence pattern issues.
Students should/should not work throughout high school.
To prepare students for a highly technical world, high schools should/should not extend their academic year.
Sixteen-year-olds should/should not be issued limited-privilege driver’s licenses.
The movie rating system should/should not be revised.
All adoption records should/should not be open to adopted children over 18.
A school voucher system should/should not be used in this state.
Students who do poorly in their academic courses should/should not be allowed to participate in athletic programs.
Violence in the movies does/does not contribute to crimes by teens.
Televised instant replays should/should not be used to call plays in football and other sports.
National exams, such as the SAT, should/should not be required for college applicants.
The math requirement (or some other requirement, rule, or policy) at this school should/should not be changed.
Off-road recreational vehicles should/should not be banned from our national parks.
During peacetime, students should/should not serve in a youth corps for two years following high school.
Dress codes in public schools should/should not be more strictly enforced.
The electoral system should/should not be used to select the U.S. president.
The Ku Klux Klan (or any controversial organization) should/should not be allowed to speak (or recruit) on campus.
17. State-supported colleges should/should not be allowed to enroll exclusively male or female students.
18. Persons over 14 charged with crimes should/should not be tried as adults.
Men and women in the military should/should not serve in separate units.
Controversial names or symbols of athletic teams (“Redskins,” the Confederate flag, the tomahawk chop) should/should not be changed.)

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