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I need help with a paper proposal and a final paper too The proposal is due in two days and

I need help with a paper proposal and a final paper too
The proposal is due in two days, and the final is due in two weeks
I need a writer whos an expert with Information Technology topics
Paper Proposal:
Please provide a short description of what you plan to write about, what you plan to achieve, and a basic outline of the paper you plan to complete (areas the paper will cover regarding the subject and your objective).
Final paper
10 Pages minimum which includes the cover page and reference page.
The introduction strongly conveys the topic, subtopics, and specific thesis statement. The Paper clearly discusses topics and subtopics; it is strongly organized with transitions linking all topics. Sources contain only peer-reviewed research. The conclusion that strongly reflects key points and integrates these ideas is the thesis statement.
The paper is virtually free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.
APA errors are seen with page format. Paper is written in a scholarly style. All sources are correctly written in the in-text citation and on the References page.
A paper can be any topic related to Linux, EXCEPT THE HISTORY OF LINUX!
· How to set up an Elk Stack (even in a container)
· Why select a specific distro
· What is the most secure distro and why?
· Advantages of Linux in an Enterprise environment
· Benefit of Linux in regard to Infrastructure as Code
· Why I switched to Linux
· Comparison of Windows, Mac, and Linux (given a specific goal, e.g. running a web server, in a business, in a virtual environment)
· Why you swipe right based on Linux distro of choice…
Im pretty open on topics, EXCEPT THE HISTORY OF LINUX! For either, you just need to keep in mind the requirements in the rubric!

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