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I need one full page abstract about the project above. APA STYLE. Project Title: Easy way to get

I need one full page abstract about the project above. APA STYLE.
Project Title:

Easy way to get a cure, and healthy: Ayurveda
Today people all over the world are facing various health issues. Whenever they have any health-related problems, they first consult their doctors, and doctors on the other hand prescribe allopathic medicine. This is a slow poison, its chemical, which temporarily suppresses ones illness, and weakens the individuals immune system, but does not uproot the cause of illness. People need to find a solution to reduce the intake of such medicines.
The best example is Covid-19, the entire world is unable to cope with this deadly virus. The only people who are least affected are those with a good immune system and those who are getting proper treatment. Ayurvedic medicines help build a stronger immune system.
This project is to develop a software application, that will help individuals to get the easy household remedies to stay young and healthy.
We have found a lot of material documented, nut no one has developed a digital version, so people can use whenever needed by using website/ application. Our sincere effort to present Ayurveda information using web based technology, easy to use and carry. We are developing this digital version to help people get access to natural remedies online.
This application will also educate people on various ingredients found in our kitchen, gardens, and around us. Where to find the products, and how to get cure in natural ways.
This application will help place our e-business strategically ahead of our competitors. Most of the products are not available in every market, those products are sold online through this application. The company gathers raw material from various parts of the world and make it available online to all its customers.

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