Identify realistic and reasonable alternatives

Unit 3: Discussion

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Evaluating Negative Messages

ULOs reflected in discussion:

  • Identify realistic and reasonable alternatives to give readers agency in a negative situation (CLO 2)
  • Analyze audience, context, and purpose to decide on an effective approach to negative messages (CLO 1 and 2)


This discussion gives you the opportunity to apply the guidelines for negative messages from Chapter 10 to help prepare you to produce your own negative message in your major assignment for this unit.


Review the scenario in problem 10.3 on pg. 312 of your textbook.  Choose 1 of the 3 messages to evaluate in a 250-word post.  Use the checklist for negative messages on pg. 310 to help you evaluate the message.  What do you think the writer has done well? What could be improved and how?

Make sure to refer to and/or cite specific language from the message you are evaluating to help support the points you make about it.

When you reply to others’ posts, it is OK to agree or disagree with the original poster’s evaluation, but you should still add something to the discussion.  If you agree, say why or give additional reasons of your own to agree.  If you disagree, explain why politely and give good reasons why you disagree.  You could also reply in such a way that you build upon their observations by showing how their evaluation applies to other parts of the message.

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