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Impact Report to Senior Leadership

Write a 4–6 page impact report to senior leadership that identifies a nursing-related challenge, analyzes how it affects the organization from a nursing perspective, and details the new position. **INSTRUCTIONS** Preparation Use the Suggested Resources for this assessment to study systems theory, SWOT analysis, and shared governance teams, as background for an Impact Report to Senior Leadership. The report includes a SWOT analysis. The SWOT Analysis Template is linked in Required Resources. Study a facility in your area and examine its Web site and any available public documents to aid you in completing this assessment. You may wish to examine an organization where you work, where you have worked in the past, or where you did your clinical work. Do not name the organization in your report; instead, identify the type of facility and location. Example: A rehabilitation center in a midsize Midwestern city. Use the following scenario as the basis for your report: Scenario The unit-based Shared Governance Council of the organization where you work has identified a major nursing-related challenge (patient/staff safety, confidentiality, management/staff conflict, poor patient satisfaction survey scores, or nursing staff shortages) within your health care organization. In an unusual move, your system administrator is considering creating a new nurse leadership position that would have the responsibility and authority to address this specific issue. As a member of the shared governance council’s subcommittee, you have been asked to write the committee’s final report. Deliverable: Impact Report to Senior Leadership ****Write a 4–6 page impact report to senior leadership that identifies the challenge, analyzes how it affects the organization from a nursing perspective, and details the new position. Use systems thinking and leadership theory as tools to approach this problem. ***CONTRUCT THE REPORT WITH THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS: 1.) The Nursing Challenge: Identify the nursing challenge and its impact from a nursing perspective. Choose from: Patient/staff safety, confidentiality, management/staff conflict, poor patient-satisfaction survey scores, or nursing staff shortages. 2.) The System/Organization: A. Explain how the nursing challenge creates a gap or conflict between the organization’s statements and practice. B. Identify the organization type—that is, specialty hospital, teaching hospital, major health care system, et cetera, and summarize the organizational structure, its mission, vision, and philosophy statements. C. Use systems theory and systems thinking to explain the gap or conflict. 3.). SWOT Analysis: A. Use the SWOT Analysis Template linked in Required Resources and include the SWOT analysis table in your paper. (WILL PROVIDE AS SEPARATE ATTACHMENT) 4.) Identify organizational factors that impact the situation using a SWOT analysis. For example, a budget cut may cause short staffing, which relates directly to the problem. What factors within the system may facilitate a solution for this problem? 5.) The Position: A. Assess how the new nurse leader position will have power and influence and impact patient outcomes. B. How will this position affect change within the organization? C. Identify key leadership skills, knowledge, or abilities required for the position. *****PLEASE ADDRESS EACH NUMBERED TOPIC AND USE THEM AS HEADINGS IN PAPER AND ANSWER QUESTIONS (A, B, C etc) IN THE PARAGRAPHS

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