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Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion Plan

Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion Plan Proposal Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details This assignment will be based on work I have already done. This assignment assesses the following intended course outcomes: Apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice to accurately assess family and community health systems. Apply systematic research practices to identify family and community health system needs. Discuss the multi-dimensional role of the community health nurse in risk reduction and health promotion. Discuss the multi-dimensional role of the community health nurse in risk reduction and health promotion. In this assignment you will use the health promotion/risk reduction education or intervention plan based on the need identified in the Community Health Promotion Plan Proposal. Develop/explain the process of implementation and evaluation for your Community Health Promotion Plan Proposal . Part of the development of the health promotion/risk reduction plan development is to include the implementation and evaluation phases of the plan. Support your processes with examples from studies you have read in this course. In the Introduction State the recommendations from the Community Health Promotion Plan Proposal . In the implementation process, you are required to include the following: Timeline for implementation and duration of the plan/intervention: state a reasonable amount of time for both based on findings from the literature. Be sure to cite your sources and explain the rationale behind the timeline. Resources needed to implement: staffing (including level of education of required staff), physical space needed, location, sources of funding available. Delivery of the plan: who are the community partners/stakeholders needed to implement the program? What is the point of delivery (an individual or community)? What specific interventions would be needed for the delivery? In the evaluation process, you are requirNed to include or identify the following:

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