implies a person is seeking

85. While Blacks are represented in every socio-economic group, the percentage of those living in poverty in 2005 was approximately

a. thirty percent.

b. twenty percent.

c. fifty percent.

d. twenty-five percent.

86. Speaking a language other than English at home is highest among immigrants from

a. Nigeria.

b. Somalia.

c. Sudan.

d. Niger.

87. A diabetic Muslim may refuse insulin

a. because it implies the person has not led a holy life.

b. because any injectable medication is forbidden.

c. during Ramadan.

d. if it has a pork base.

88. The leading authority figure within the Black familial structure is the

a. oldest adult child.

b. female.

c. male.

d. minister.

89. When a Black person is being examined, skin pallor can be recognized by

a. palpation.

b. checking the sclera.

c. the absence of underlying red tones.

d. slow blood return.

90. Scars that form at a wound site growing beyond the normal boundaries of the wound are

a. melasma.

b. pseudofolliculitis.

c. keloids.

d. a pigmentary disorder.

91. Educational comparisons of high school graduation and college attendance between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites indicate

a. Hispanics have a lower rate of graduation and attendance than their

non-Hispanic counterparts.

b. similar percentages of attendance between both groups.

c. more Hispanics attend college than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

d. a higher proportion of non-Hispanic whites fail to complete high school.

92. The largest Hispanic group in the United States comes from Mexico. Which is a true statement reflecting this population?

a. Employment levels are above the national average.

b. Employment in professional areas is stagnant.

c. Migrant farm work is the predominant employment.

d. Most live in urban areas.

93. Visiting a curandero(a) implies a person is seeking

a. holistic care encompassing social, physical, and psychological purposes.

b. care not offered by the medical establishment.

c. care for spiritual distress.

d. specialized herbal preparations not used by the medical establishment.


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