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In the introductory lesson you learned about three major traditions in sociological theory StructuralFunctionalism Symbolic Interactionism and Conflict Theory and

In the introductory lesson, you learned about three major traditions in sociological theory (Structural-Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Theory) and how they apply to the study of social problems.
Identify any social problem and do the following:
Analyze the problem using the criteria in the first chapter of your textbook. Explain what makes the problem youve identified a social problem as defined within sociology. Why does it qualify?
Choose one of the major sociological theories and apply it to the problem youve chosen. How might a sociologist within that tradition understand the problem? How do you think that theory could help explain or provide insight into the problem?
Your submission should be approximately 700 words in length and should reflect consideration of course materials and previous lessons.


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