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In this module, you learned about multiple forms in C#.


In this module, you learned about multiple forms in C#. You will be completing one program for this module.

Create an application named as M11 Assignment_YourLastname which has multiple form order program for customers of Fresh Produce Store.

You pick the controls that would work best and what your forms look like, but your program should meet the following objectives:

NOTE: All controls and variables should be correctly named using the naming standards indicated in the text.

  • Have a graphic that you think represents Frech Produce Store.
  • Allow customers the option of choosing tomatoes ($1.91 per pound), peppers ($2.32 per pound), onions ($1.05per pound) and potatoes($1.50 per pound). 
  • The customer enters a weight for each one selected in pounds in a box. Use either a numeric Up-down or Textbox. If using a Textbox, you will need to validate the value entered to make sure its numeric.
  • Exit Button – On main Form 
  • Order Now Button – On main form
  • Close Button – On second form
  • After the customer clicks an Order Now button, display the price of the order on the second form.

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