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in this modulewe will discuss networkforensics. We move away from cellularsmartphonediscovery and look at wired and wireless investigation. We will

this module,
we will discuss network
forensics. We move away from
discovery and look at wired and wireless
investigation. We will use the European Union Agency for
Introduction to Network Forensics
guide. The document is available
For the discussion, answer the following questions:
1) What types of network investigations are typical of those that fall under the
topic of
network forsensics?
2) How is information
acquired from the various types of networks?
3) Describe several tools for network forensics and how the tools function?
response to the DQ must be a minimum
of 400 words. You must provide
references for your response (APA format). You will need to reply to two
(2) other fellow students posts (See the syllabus). The responses must be made in the week due.

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