In this weeks media segment Janis Keyser Early Childhood Educator explains how the teaching to strength approach is affirming and

In this week’s media segment, Janis Keyser, Early Childhood Educator, explains how the teaching to strength approach is affirming and motivating for children. Rather than focusing on fixing areas of weakness, teaching to strength emphasizes building on and shaping positive traits, instilling a positive attitude to learning, and expanding children’s areas of expertise. Through this approach, early childhood professionals become keenly aware of the particular characteristics and preferences of the children with whom they work.
To prepare for the Discussion, reflect on the following:
In what ways does teaching to strength support any or all of the four anti-bias education goals as described in Chapter 1 of the course text? Be prepared to share at least two specific examples.
How might teaching to strength help contribute to creating an affirming environment and enhancing the positive interactions you have with children?
What professional and personal dispositions, strengths, and/or experiences do you possess that might help you use the teaching to strength approach effectively in your early childhood setting?
By Day 2
Post your response to the questions above. Refer to the course text and media segments, as well as other resources to substantiate your thinking.

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