information provision standard.

55.   Which of the following forms is used to bill outpatient charges?


A. CMS-1500 or UCF-1500.

B. AMA-14 or UCF-1250

C. HCFA-1400 or CMS-1540

D. HCFA-1350 or CMS-650

56.   A significant, separately identifiable E/M service performed by the same physician in conjunction with another service performed on the same day would be reported using what modifier?


A. -TC

B. -47

C. -90

D. -25

57.   Which of the following modifiers would be assigned for a moribund patient?


A. P5

B. P1

C. P4

D. P3

58.   Taking certain steps to protect PHI from being accidentally released to individuals who don’t need to know the information is called the


A. minimum necessary standard.

B. information provision standard.

C. privacy management statute.

D. health information guardianship guideline.

59.   Codes for plastic repair of the perineum are found in which code range?


A. 57000–57426

B. 57000–57010

C. 57150–57180

D. 56800–56810

60.   A coder overhears a confidential statement made outside of the court, and then, when called to testify, repeats the statement as being truth. This is an example of


A. speculation.

B. hearsay.

C. a direct quote.

D. cross-examination.


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