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Instructional design theory

There are many popular approaches to completing task analysis, also referred to as content analysis, learner or learning task analysis, subject analysis and more. In simple terms, it is trying to identify the content of instruction and the order in which this content should be taught. Be sure to review chapter 4 of our text and research the approaches of Smith and Ragan; Dick, Carey and Carey, Jonassen, Hannum and Tessmer; and Morrison, Ross and Kemp. Task Analysis – Create a detailed task analysis for your chosen unit lesson. Complete the following: 1.Describe the broad level task in one sentence 2.Write an introductory paragraph to provide an overview of what the analysis will cover. Be concise. 3.Outline the tasks involved in and leading to the completion of the broad level task you described. 4.Write the explanation for each task to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation. 5.Use an outline format. Refer to the text to meet the requirements. Your task analysis should end with a conclusion to summarize the main points presented. Add a flowchart in the end to serve as the graphical representation of the task analysis. .

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