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Instructions: One of the key skills for a Project manager


One of the key skills for a Project manager is to be able to write clear, precise and understandable Statement of Work (SOW)

For this week’s assignment, you will develop a six (6) page Statement of Work Document (SOW) to procure services and material for a project of your choice. Your document must include a cover page and references ( a total of 8 pages).

Recommended SOW sections outline;

1.0 Introduction – what does the project intent to achieve?

1.1 Background – What led to the necessity of this project?

1.2 Scope of work – Define “how” and “what” of the story

1.3 Objectives – Define “why”

2.0 Schedule – Define “When”

3.0 Prices – Defines the “how much” of the story

4.0 Key Assumptions – Assumptions that are not related to the scope are included here

5.0 Acceptance – The acceptance section contains the client signature and the signature from the agency’s key executives overseeing the project

6.0 References

Academic writing normally includes more than 1 citation with the related reference. Try to find at least 1 other supporting or opposing source.

Submission Instructions:

For all papers submitted to this class, APA (7th edition) format is required.

The use of subheadings and table of contents (as outlined above) is encouraged as this helps to organize your paper.

You must submit this paper to TurnItIn! for a review. This is an APUS requirement. The goal is to attain an overall score <= 15%. If it is higher than that, review the report, then consider some rewriting. Rewrites must also be submitted to TurnItIn!.


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