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Instructions: Visit an area where you can discretely observe social interaction i.e. a cafeteria a restaurant the mall a social

Instructions: Visit an area where you can discretely observe social interaction (i.e., a cafeteria, a restaurant, the mall, a social event, etc.) and complete the summary and analysis below.
Before conducting your observation, review the following concepts from your text:
Review the symbolic interaction approach (pages 20-22)
Chapter 5: Socialization
Chapter 6: Social Interaction in Everyday Life
The Activity: Spend some time (minimum of 15 minutes) quietly observing what is going on and briefly summarize what different persons in the setting were doing.
Summary and Analysis: Once you have completed your observation and made notes, analyze the patterns of social interaction that you observed and respond to the following:
1) Describe the context for your observation.
This includes the location, setting, type of people observed, time of day, day of week length of observation, etc.
You may also include any other details you deem relevant.
2) What examples of socialization did you notice?
This may include the process of socialization in progress (i.e. a parent encouraging their child to use good table manners) or evidence of the effects of socialization (i.e. waiting politely in a long line).
3) Give at least three examples of each of the following that you observed during your interaction: ascribed status, achieved status, and roles.
4) Describe at least five examples of social exchange that you noticed and discuss the potential impact (helpful, disruptive, etc.) on the individuals involved.
5) What examples of “gendered” interaction did you notice regarding the ways in which women and men are socialized regarding demeanor, uses of space, starting, touching, smiling, and language.
Explain whether or not this was consistent with what you learned in chapter 6 (pages
165-166 and 170).
Mechanics: Assignments must be a minimum of one page, single spaced, typed, standard 8.5×11 page, 1” margins, Times New Roman or Arial 10-12 point font, and include your name/course/assignment title/date.

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