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International Development and Communication

 The paper should be 825 words long. Summary-Response Paper. Read this: file:///Users/suzannawillard/Downloads/kuisel-americanization%20(1).pdf (Kusiel, R. (2003). Debating Americanization: The case of France. (Global America?)). Then, summarize and critically analyze and respond. Make an argument about WHY you are responding to the ideas in the reading you are analyzing the way that you are! What do you think about the ideas/arguments your selected author puts forward? Why do you think what you do about the reading that you are analyzing? What support do you have for your response? You can choose quotes from other readings: Friedman, T. (1999). The new system. (From: Globalization & state power: A reader) Held, D. et. al. (1999). What is globalization? (From: Global transformations: Politics, economics, and culture) Lee, P. (2000). Three processes of dissolving boundaries. (In search of boundaries: Communication, nation-states and cultural identities) Comor, E. (2003). Media corporations in the age of globalization. (International & development communication). Kusiel, R. (2003). Debating Americanization: The case of France. (Global America?) Winter, R. (2003). Global media, cultural change & the transformation of the local. (Global America?)] Chalaby, J. (2006). American Cultural Primacy in a New Media Order: A European Perspective. International Communication Gazette, 68(1): 33-51. Straubhaar, J. (2003). Globalization, media imperialism, & dependency as communications frameworks, pp. 225-237, (International communication: Concepts & cases) Demont-Heinrich, C. (2011). Cultural imperialism vs. globalization of culture. Sociology Compass (pp. 1- 21) Mikanowski, James. (2018). How the English language is taking over the planet. (UK guardian). If you cannot find these online just message me.

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Assignment Outline