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Internship with at least two scholarly articles

 Write a three to five pages essay that presents the following information: • Audience – In this essay, you will make a presentation about your internship. In the introduction, choose and identify an audience for this presentation (e.g., a lecture to students in your department, a speech at an industry conference, a job interview). In the following sections, consider why that audience is interested in your presentation. • Goals – Identify three professional goals chosen by you and your internship provider for this trimester. Ideally, these goals come from the offer letter you submitted for this internship. Explain to the audience why these are proper goals for such an internship. • Progress and Improvements – Explain to the audience how the internship provider is helping you achieve these goals, how you are applying yourself to achieve them, and the progress you have made thus far. Identify two ways the quality of the internship can be improved before the end of the term. One suggestion must be an adjustment the provider can make and one must be an adjustment the student can make. • References – Within your essay, use appropriate APA references or citations from at least two scholarly articles, journals, books, or publications that are relevant to your internship. (Note: Wikipedia and blogs are not proper sources for an academic paper).

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Assignment Outline