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IRTC Legacy System Update.

 Project Human Resource (to be developed by individual) Describe the roles and responsibilities that need to be filled on the project. Give a rationale for the staff for the project, assign roles, and describe staff involvement with each major deliverable. Decide if you will use vendors to supplement the team, and ascertain their roles and responsibilities as well as your rationale for making the decision. Describe how staffing changes will be identified, escalated, and resolved. Project Schedule (to be developed by individual) Use a work breakdown structure or similar tool to explain the major activities that will be completed as part of the project. Describe the major milestones for the project. For each milestone, identify the associated deliverable, the approximate effort involved in creating the deliverable, and the people involved. For 2 of the milestones, detail the activities to be completed to achieve the milestone. Be sure to address dependencies, duration, and resource effort. Describe how changes to the schedule will be identified, escalated, and resolved. Project Budget (to be developed by individual) Describe the budgeting process that will be used for the project. Identify the components of the budget, the items that will need to have costs associated with them, and the mechanisms that could be used to estimate the project. Describe how changes to the budget will be identified, escalated, and resolved. Project Risks (to be developed by individual) Describe the possible risk events for the project. Identify the high-probability, high-impact risk events. For each of those risk events, identify the possible actions to mitigate the risk. Describe how changes to the risk management plan will be identified, reviewed, and approved. Project Communication (to be developed by individual) Describe the system that will be used throughout the project for recording and sharing project information related to schedule, budget, utilization, and status components. Describe the tools and techniques you will use to capture and report metrics. Describe the frequency with which the metrics will be captured and how the resulting analysis will be applied and communicated. Project Stakeholders (to be developed by individual) Describe how stakeholders were identified and analyzed, what tools and techniques were used to categorize and understand stakeholder interests. Describe your stakeholders, who they are and what their interests are in the outcome of the project. Describe the strategies planned to manage stakeholder engagement. This task will be completed as a true group project. The groups will consolidate the individual responses into a single presentation. It will be determined by the members of the group whether the group will have a single member do each section or merge the responses of each member for the 5 areas of interest listed above.

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