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Is a cyberattack ever morally justified in response to an

  1. Is a cyberattack ever morally justified in response to an enemy conventional attack?
  2. Is a cyberattack ever morally justified in response to an enemy cyberattack?
  3. Is a conventional attack ever morally justified by an enemy cyberattack?
  4. Is a cyberattack ever morally justified in cases where the enemy has launched neither a cyberattack nor a conventional attack? (With United Nations sanction, preemptively, preventively, or for some other reason.)
  5. Once a war (cyber- or conventional) has begun what kinds of cyberattacks are morally justified?

Pick two of the questions above and provide a one- or two-paragraph response to each. It is okay to provide your philosophies and beliefs regarding the question, but use evidence or scholarly support to enhance the justification and defense of your response. 

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